The anti-BruinsNation goal, and how it relates to the purpose of this blog

On Jan. 26, 2012, I wrote up a blog post about the real purpose of this website and how it all ties back into the crap-ass, sorry excuse for a “bl_g” that is

Under normal circumstances, that blog post would’ve been buried in the archives and forgotten in a week or so.

But then I realized, the following evening, the concern that I have is one I share with quite a few other Bruins. So much so, that the aforementioned blog post received nearly 600 hits in just under 24 hours. That’s huge, considering the only website I submit the link to this website is From there, it ballooned, and it is the most-commented-upon blog post of just under 40 total blog posts. Bruins care about their news and the way it’s presented, and the consensus seems to be that BruinsNation is a cancerous bl_g in the UCLA blogosphere.

Many of the themes — and the rhetoric — that BN pushes can be (ironically) directly applied to their blog and the UCLA blogosphere in general.

Culture change, for example. For too long, the culture of the UCLA blogosphere has been dominated by a single, incompetent blog at SB Nation, an otherwise very-competent network of blogs. With the over-300 SB Nation blogs floating around out there, BN is clearly the glaring flaw — the weakest link, even. No longer does the UCLA fan-base want to be represented by BN (not like we ever have, although they assumed that role for some reason, anyway). The writing is on the wall — BN needs to be taken down a notch.

Another theme is that of holding the top-dawgs accountable. Nestor? The dude who sits behind a pseudonym and blasts every possible UCLA student, professor, athlete and coach possible? The one that, should you disagree with the “consensus” (in quotes, because it’s only Nestor and his cronies who goad their readers into thinking the same way), will delete your comments and ban you? The one that has flighty, inconsistent, overly-pessimistic-or-overly-lofty-but-never-reasonable expectations? The one that seems to believe the Internet is an extension of his tiny wad? That guy must be held accountable and we cannot let him think he represents UCLA students, alumni or fans/followers. If anything, he is a disgrace to the True Blue and Gold.

Of course, I can go all day long about the themes that BN makes prevalent at their crap-ass bl_g and apply it to their “staff.”

But aren’t you just trying to drive cheap traffic by using the BruinsNation name, you ask. The answer: No. Because I started this website to be an alternative to that bl_g. The anti-BN, if you will. I started it to help get the UCLA blogosphere back on track and rid everyone of the trouble of having to visit BN for all UCLA news.

And that’s why this page, this entire blog, exists.

2 responses to “The anti-BruinsNation goal, and how it relates to the purpose of this blog

  1. You sound kind of wounded like a jilted lover or something. Do you need help? UCLA has a great Psych program. Pretty sure they could help you get over whatever is really bothering you. Are you really wound up about some blog? You come off as needy and pathetic. Maybe you should create a blog for SC as you kind of sound like them. Does anyone read this blog? Yikes.

    • To answer your questions: No, yes, yes, and yes. (You, sir, obviously cared enough about “this blog” to comment on it.)

      I get what you’re saying — but I addressed that. You should’ve read the entire page. Not to be cliche — because at this point, I’ll totally sound it — but there’s a serious monopoly in the UCLA blogosphere. BN has saturated it with its drivel.

      I would actually say BN sounds more like an SC blog than I do, though.

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