As UCLA football begins a new era, so does the UCLA blogosphere

It’s fitting that the first post here, at the Sons of Westwood, comes right after the firing of football coach Rick Neuheisel. Although our basketball program is the more successful of our two revenue-raking sports, football will always reign supreme as the dominant sport in any region.

Of course, it’d be mean of us not to wish Rick Neuheisel (RN) well. Our old head honcho bleeds True Blue and Gold, as do we. If you don’t believe me, just check out this clip, which comes not too long after Coach learns of his firing:

He’s almost teary-eyed, and it’s tough to watch. There’s no doubt that RN needed to jam, but he’s a fellow Bruin. (This is the same sentiment that Bruins Nation has, I know, but their analysis pre-firing was really harsh.)

Bruins stick together, regardless.

We must move on, though. The coaching search begins, and because everything’s moving in a new direction at UCLA, we’ve decided to contribute to the blogosphere and enjoy the ride.

As for who we want as our next head coach? Well …

Chris Petersen, ladies and germs.


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