Jim Mora, Jr. is putting together a hell of a coaching staff

There are nine months of offseason chatter before the 2012 college football season begins. And though every UCLA football fan has heralded the hiring of Jim Mora, Jr., it honestly looks like the dude is making the wait unbearable in a very, very good way.

First, Mora hires Demetrice Martin, the defensive backs coach at the University of Washington, as UCLA’s DB coach. Apparently, the dude is a fine recruiter, so competition with U$C for recruits may be pretty awesome.

Then, Jim Mora, Jr. hits a home run by hiring a top-notch offensive coordinator:

Boom, Noel Mazzone, you guys. ASU fans are pretty ticked, meaning, guess what, we’re pretty damn stoked.

That’s not it, though. UCLA also hired Adrian Klem and Steve Broussard, both considered legitimate recruiters.

Holy crap. UCLA no longer seems to be a big joke and these hires speak volumes of Jim Mora’s work ethic and, apparently, respect in coaching circles. Obviously, top recruiters and coaches are looking forward to working under Mora, and that’s something we should all be excited about. Huge hires like the ones aforementioned are normally gauges to see how exciting a product we’re going to see on the football field.

I know I’ve been critical of Jim Mora, Jr. so far (what UCLA football fan hasn’t?), but the first couple of days on the job are promising. He’s obviously excited to get started and understands what this school needs to get back on track at the Rose Bowl.

Good job, Jim. Keep it up.


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