Rick Neuheisel is going to cover National Signing Day on CBS Sports

Remember Rick Neuheisel, our very-friendly, always-inviting and ever-proud football coach? Sure, he may never have panned out, but all UCLA football fans know that he loves his Bruins through and through.

Well, we get to see one of our own cover the biggest day in the college football offseason when Neuheisel gets on CBS Sports to talk about National Signing Day. From the Seattle Times:

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl late last month jokingly called itself the “Interim Coaches Bowl.” Illinois played UCLA, and both Illini coach Ron Zook and UCLA’s Rick Neuheisel had already been fired.

Where do fired coaches end up? Well, next week, they’re going to be analyzing national football letter-of-intent signees. CBS Sports Network has their signatures, so to speak, for studio insight and analysis.

I’ve always thought Neuheisel would be good on TV — either as a game commentator or even a studio analyst. He’s telegenic, bright and I think could come off as likeable.

Duh, of course he’s likable, silly-head. He only captivated the hearts of Bruins everywhere with his last post-practice presser:

Dammit. Seeing the video makes me almost want to cry, because Neuheisel wasn’t crying because he was getting fired. He was crying because he knew he couldn’t provide our beloved university with the success it had hoped he would bring when he was first hired four years ago.

Anyway, we get to see Rick succeed at a platform he’s comfortable in (public speaking and in front of cameras). Here’s hoping the dude continues to represent the University of California, Los Angeles as he has his whole life: with his passion bucket full.



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