The back-and-forth continues (or so I think): UCLA bl_g BruinsNation might’ve fired back

(Note: As expected, I have been banned from BruinsNation, the second account that I’ve been banned from.)

As much as I hate back-and-forths, and solely dedicating myself to reaction from other blogs (that’s really a bad way to go about things, aspiring bloggers), I feel like there is no more important back-and-forth than the one that might be going on between sorry-ass excuse for a bl_g BruinsNation, and myself here at the Sons of Westwood.

Recently, a UCLA bl_gger I once respected at BN posted a bl_g post entitled Reason and Consistency In The Message. (Note: I normally wouldn’t harm your eyes by linking you to their drivel, but it’s important to note that they see the pingbacks. Otherwise, the lazy ingrates wouldn’t know what’s going on outside of their tiny little Internet bubble.) It isn’t clear to me if this was in response to a blog post about my hate for BN. And though normally I’d brush it off as a coincidence, I considered the factors: First, that blog post is the most-viewed and commented blog post of any other on this website, which means the necessity for a true, objective, smart UCLA blog isn’t one that’s exclusive to me. Second, the blog post spread throughout the Bruin Report Online messageboards at without me posting it anywhere else save for Third, it included one tidbit that seemed pretty specific:

Bruins Nation isn’t just making this stuff up out of nowhere. The people here at Bruins Nation, and that includes the majority of readers and commenters and posters, in addition to the front pagers, are the most hard core blue and gold Bruin fans there are. And I’m willing to bet that with our love and devotion we feel a sense of pride in upholding the standards of excellence that we associate with our school, and a sense of responsibility for calling out those that are damaging U.C.L.A. It’s the ongoing eye-test, using Coach’s ideals of excellence (which is not the same as records) as the bar.

Protecting and propagating the U.C.L.A. ideals should be all of our responsibility as Bruins. When anyone connected with U.C.L.A., from Nicola Dragovich to Alexandra Wallace to Chianti Dan Guerrero, falls short of those ideals or even appears to counter them, it as our responsibility to call out those responsible and hold them accountable. I am proud of Bruins Nation’s record in upholding the traditional values of excellence for our school.

There has been no shortage of vitriol and tangible opposition to Guerrerror from Bruins Nation. And it has been seen in other places around the blogosphere and mainstream media, but only to a far lesser extent. Some of those people whine that Bruins Nation is not representative of the entire Bruin fan base. We see comments or entire blog posts that cry that we push things too far and too hard, that we are too rigid, that we can’t be happy with good enough, and that we aren’t good Bruins.

That last section convinced me — this was a clear response to what I had posted. Because, oddly enough, there aren’t very many other UCLA blogs that consistently post. Sure, they’re there, but they’re a little tougher to find (much like this one is, since it’s a little baby). And even further, those UCLA blogs that are still around haven’t put up “entire blog posts” that criticize BruinsNation the way I had done a few days ago.

Of course, it also threw me off that they said these blog posts “cry that we push things too far and too hard.” Surely, I thought, this couldn’t be about the post I had written. Because I never questioned that they pushed too hard — I merely mentioned that they were unreasonable in their expectations, and were always incredibly radical and never moderate (or sober) in writing those expectations.

But, I did say they weren’t good Bruins and that still holds true — good Bruins don’t suppress or belittle other Bruins or their thoughts on the state of Bruin Nation (not to be confused with the name of that sorry bl_g “BruinsNation”). If the majority of UCLA fans wanted Jim Tressel as the head coach if he received no show-clause order, then dammit, that’s what the UCLA fans want — you don’t delete FanPosts and FanShots (blog posts and links submitted by readers, not authors/admins) and try and conduct shitty polls to move the numbers in your favor. Not one FanPost that favored Tressel during that time (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, please refer to this) was bumped to the front-page, yet the ones that fit the ideal direction that the idiots at BN want to go in are the ones that are posted on the front-page. Over and over and over again. Enough to make you sick to your fucking stomach.

We get enough harassment on BruinWalk by people who want you to sign petitions; why the hell should we put up with it at BN? Why the hell should BN, which is the most hated UCLA blog of them all, represent our beloved university on a collection of elite sports blogs? Why does our university have to deal with the embarrassing drivel that BN posts every day?

And what’s the most ridiculous aspect of BN’s “response”? That they feel as if they’re the true Bruins. That they are the only ones who bleed True Blue and Gold. (Remember: School colors changed from “blue” to “True Blue” you out-of-touch-and-senile asses.) Those who oppose BN are the apathetic Bruins, the ones who, by their standards, couldn’t give a shit. The ones who don’t partake in their radical, asshole’ish ideology are idiots. We’re the apathetic ones. (Notice that they’re the only college bl_g — or any bl_g for that matter — on SB Nation that is less of a community then it is a single-serving goal.)

But that’s BN for you — they’re a collection of people who happened to graduate from UCLA (instead of UCLA alum) and think that athletics is the only thing that should represent the University of California, Los Angeles. (Perhaps they grew up in an era where UCLA took in 3.3 GPAs out of high school; maybe they should try and get into UCLA sometime soon so they can realize that academics has over-taken athletics and that a 3.90 GPA through two years at a community college might not be good enough to get you in. The current state of the university isn’t fucked — they are.)

And if you happened to stay proud of your university despite the current flaws with its athletics? If you desire to read anything else but “FIRE CHIANTI DAN AND U’RE ALL HATERZ, HOWLERZ, AND NEUBS”? If you disagree with their agenda, which is a pseudo-representation of the current state of the fan-base? And, dammit, if you refused to give Neuheisel a chance in 2008, or if your gut reaction was to give Mora a shot in 2012?

Then, according to that sorry-ass excuse for a bl_g BruinsNation, and their idiot wannabe-cult-leader “Nestor,” you aren’t a Bruin at all.




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