UCLA Men’s Basketball: Bruins win two in a row, beat Colorado 77-60

Don’t call it a comeback just yet.

UCLA soundly beat the Colorado Buffaloes 77-60 for their second-straight win and for, finally, a winning record in the Pac-12. We now stand at 5-4 in-conference and 12-9 overall. Colorado falls to 6-3 in-conference and 14-7 overall.

Of course, we all want to get super excited because maybe, just maybe, we have a chance to win the conference if we play this well.

But I urge you to stay even-keel. Why? Because disappointment sucks. Disappointment can send your life into an ever-spiraling abyss filled with nothing but regret, paranoia and skepticism. *Cries*

In all seriousness, we have to recognize that UCLA is an incredible team at home. We’re 10-3 in Los Angeles overall and undefeated at home in conference play. That means we’re 2-7 on the road, and that’s going to be key coming down the stretch.

That said, this win gave us all something to hope for. The defense was intense the entire way through and the offense made the plays it had to, when it had to and how it had to. Colorado was a good team coming into this game, so let’s not discount the win. But let’s not settle either, because our road record is, indeed, dubious.

Still, this could be that cliche season-changing win that sees our record skyrocket. All this team needs, talented as they are, is a good kick in the ass and a slap on the head to remind them just how good they can be. Let’s be hopeful, you guys, but be sure to keep yourself level-headed.

Because disappointment kills.


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