National Signing Day is here! Keep up to date on this thread

Ah, February 1. The day college football fans across the country have to endure gut-wrenching, eye-gauging, sweat-till-your-head-itches misery at the hands of kids who aren’t even legally allowed to buy a cigarette (not that we’d want them to).

National Signing Day. The day that 17-year olds get to hold their own version of The Decision. Where all eyes are on them, and they can make or break (supposedly) a college football program.

Well, because I cover UCLA athletics, I think it’s only fair that I cover this, too, as it relates to UCLA. There are quite a few offers we’ve made to prospects who are either not committed to a school just yet, or to those who have had soft commitments to other, less awesome universities. Whatever it is, I’ll be around these parts starting now (yes, I know — it’s only 9 p.m.) all the way through National Signing Day 2012. (How’s that for SEO, Google?)

After I receive some news about a recruit, I will post an update on this blog post so you can see who it is we have signed. There figures to be some movement the evening before, but we’ll see what happens.

And as I wrote this blog post, we have an apparent commit. So let’s take a look to see how these things will shape up:

UPDATE: WR Kenny Walker has committed to UCLA, will sign tomorrow

Kenny Walker highlights, ladies and germs:

While those highlights are nice, it’s important to note that the context of this signing almost negates the fact that he’s a 3-star wide-out. Up until now, we hadn’t gotten as good of a commitment at WR for the class of 2012, and now that there will be future targets for either T.J. Millweard, Brett Hundley or Devin Fuller to throw to, we can breathe, but not too much — it’s still just one wide-receiver.




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