UCLA is back, and so am I

A lot has changed since February 2012. Back then, UCLA football was an also-ran, a near-dumpster-fire program that saw Rick Neuheisel ousted as the (rightful) goat of the program’s descent. Today, though, UCLA football is a program on the rise, and a serious dark-horse for a shot at a national title.

Back then, “a shot at a national title” meant being ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in a kinda-sorta arbitrary system of ranking college football programs, what used to be the BCS. Today, having a shot at a natty means being ranked in the top-four by a select group of committee members, and duking it out in a playoff format.

Back then, I was a fresh-faced, first-year UCLA transfer student, wide-eyed and blinded by the big lights. Today, I’m a grizzled vet with a degree, workin’ at a non-profit full-time.

And back then, I gave up this blog — Sons of Westwood — for a new gig at Go Joe Bruin at FanSided.com. Today, I’m just a tweeter. But I’m also back from my writing hiatus. I love writing too much to stay away, and I love UCLA far too much to shut up about them and keep my thoughts contained within 140 characters.

My approach will be different, though. I won’t be blogging here for the purpose of building a portfolio or working my way through the ranks of the blogosphere. I won’t be presenting myself as an alternative to my old site, or that one site from across town.

I’ll just be here to write about UCLA and gain a dedicated audience; an audience that’ll listen to my opinions and, just maybe, disagrees with me on them.

Stay tuned, yo.


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