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Want to fire Dan Guerrero? Here’s how


Dan Guerrero. Ruining UCLA.

UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero is kind of a “joke.” When describing him as anything here on the Sons of Westwood, we will also only use quotation marks because at this point, this dude does not deserve to be described with any sort of personifying traits. Because, you know, he “sucks.”

Anyway, the mass majority of UCLA alum and UCLA fans are pretty sick of Dan Guerrero — whether you are one of the fans who want Jim Tressel or not, want Mora or not, or want Rick back or, uh, not, we are pretty sure you want not-Dan Guerrero as our not-not-Athletic Director. (Get it?)

If you’re into el Facebook, you can join the Save UCLA Athletics — FIRE DAN GUERRERO group. Or if you like ‘liking’ things on Facebook, ‘like’ the Fire Dan Guerrero (UCLA Athletics) page. There’s something for everyone, you know?

Honestly, it’s not a big deal to set up Facebook groups and pages dedicated to some form of activism. It’s too easy to ‘like’ a page and talk a bunch of crap on social media. Trust me, I do that all the time.

Instead, someone — not me; I’m busy, OK? — needs to organize a formal, in-person protest at the Morgan Center. Internet activism is amazing at maintaining weak ties and for cheap activism, but when people feel strongly about something, they’ll show their faces in support. If someone organizes it, people will come. Hell, I’ll come.
That said, hopefully someone realizes the extent of the damage that Dan Guerrero has done. He’s on the brink of ruining the football program for four more years with shoddy hires and poor distribution of capital.
Let’s hope someone gets rid of this clown.