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UCLA Football and Basketball: Bruins lose Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl to Illinois Fighting Illini 20-14, lose to Cal in basketball 85-69

UCLA helmet, without a head, because we're brainless

Well, this sucked.

On New Year’s Eve, the UCLA Bruins decided to close out 2011 with a whimper instead of starting off 2012 with a bang.

And not just the football team. The basketball team.

First, let’s start off with the football team. The first order of business? The damned predictions that this would be a low-scoring game and, indeed, this was a low-scoring games.

And this wasn’t the low-scoring game that reeks of defensive stalwart’ness, dedicated play or, hell, nerves. This was a low-scoring game because both team’s offenses are, well, shit. UCLA’s offense, especially, which surprised Bruins’ fans across the nation. Mike Johnson, interim head coach and apparent offensive playcaller, made some ballsy decisions to launch some tosses downfield, far more than usual. This down-the-field-with-conviction-type mentality (albeit welcomed) proved to be the Bruins’ Achilles heel, when Kevin Prince threw a pick-six to put the Illini up 10-7 in the second half.

The run game was stagnant, the offensive line was shoddy and the receivers fumbled some catchable balls that would’ve been game-changers.

The defense? They were OK, as they benefited from an as-bad-if-not-worse Illinois offense, but crumbled down the stretch, allowing 11 unanswered points (if you don’t count the garbage-time touchdown with 45 seconds left on the clock with the Bruins down 21-7).

Clearly, Mike Johnson wanted to mess around a little with an offense that was taught to play ultra-conservatively by running the ball and playing the field position game. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing — I’m sure we all would’ve loved gutsier playcalling all season — but it was far too late for this squad to execute a vertical offensive attack. Receivers didn’t look ready to make the catches necessary to change the outcome of the game and Kevin Prince often looked confused.

The basketball team? I have no idea, I didn’t watch. (Hey, it was either the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on my Xbox 360 or the UCLA-Cal game on a crap-ass and illegal stream; which would you pick?)

Regardless, the Bruins were blown out after keeping the game close after the first half. That drops them to 0-2 in the Pac-12, ruining our hope that this team could compete for the Pac-12 title.

Dan Guerrero has made a mess and this dude needs to go. Ten years of mediocrity is enough.


UCLA to play Illinois in something called the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

Mike Johnson will coach UCLA into a loss-- I mean, in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

So our tumultuous football season is not yet over.

This Dec. 31, ULCA will get a shot to end the season at .500 when they play the Illinois Fighting Illini who are 6-6 because they did not back into their conference championship.

All jerkness aside, this should be fun, because they’re a team that’s just as rocky as we are. Here are the details, via UCLA Athletics:

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl has extended an invitation to the UCLA Bruins to participate in the 2011 edition of that game, scheduled to be played on Saturday, December 31, 2011 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The game will be televised live on ESPN at 12:30 (PT). The Bruins (6-7) will face Big 10 team Illinois (6-6) New Year’s Eve.

Well, OK. Not a bad New Year’s Eve treat, y’know? I love my Bruins and want to watch them regardless of how we are. That’s how you bleed True Blue and Gold.

Of course, this little tidbit from UCLA Athletics was hilarious to me:

“We’re thrilled to bring UCLA back to San Francisco,” said Executive Director of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Gary Cavalli. “The Bruins played in our 2006 game against Florida State, and we had a great experience with Dan Guerrero and the entire UCLA family.”

Funny. None of us are thrilled to have Dan Guerreror as part of the UCLA family. I guess sometimes, families look a lot more dysfunctional when you’re familiar with them. Dan Guerrero is the idiot uncle who won’t move out, in this case.

Get ’em Bruins!



UCLA will probably get to play in a bowl game regardless of how awful we are

Last year's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

The state of the UCLA football program is in a chaotic mess. The higher-ups are scrambling to find a new coach (more so now that Mike Leach was picked up by fellow Pac-12 team Wazzu on Wednesday) while the football team sits at 6-6, on the cusp of a losing season, which will happen should they lose to Oregon. (Note: They’re 30-point dogs. Ouch.)

I guess there’s a bright side to all this. Despite the fact that our beloved Bruins may very well end up 6-7 on the season, the team will likely still play in a bowl game (albeit a lowly one) after the Pac-12 title game.

I’m not really upset or mad about this. Sure, it was a little suspect that Dan Guerrero filed the petition before we even got to a losing record, but hell, we are 30-point dogs anyway, and we just lost to U$C 50-0. Any chance to see my Bruins play one more game is welcomed, even if the circumstances are bittersweet.

ESPN’s Pac-12 blog suggests that UCLA will play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (which gives a spot to the Pac-12’s sixth place team).

Of course, this isn’t the only bowl the Bruins can get into. If you pray hard enough before you go to bed every night, and if Kevin Prince saves about ten babies from the hiccups, and if UCLA just gets damn lucky, the Bruins could win their way into the Rose Bowl game with a massive upset of Oregon.

I’m not holding my breath, but whatever.

What this really means, though, is that we’ll get to see interim coach Mike Johnson in action for the Bruins this season. No one wants him as our next head coach (and he shouldn’t be), but it’s always fun to see different coaches in multiple seasons, regardless of how dastardly the results may be.

Can we just pick a coach already and move onto some good news?