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UCLA Men’s Water Polo loses to freaking U$C, 4-7

That damned goalkeeper.

U$C beat UCLA in Water Polo to take their fourth national title in a row. The Bruins had a difficult time scoring against the $C defense, which was quick to the ball (is that what Water Polo people call it?) while their goalie managed save after save after save to ruin any chances UCLA had of coming back after being down 6-3 entering the fourth period.

The UCLA offense held its own for long stretches, namely in the third quarter, where, in six and a half minutes, no goal was scored by either team. That was until U$C broke the drought and scored to put them up 7-3.

UCLA misses out on a chance to score 108 national championships, and currently have 12 more NCAA titles than U$C does at 95.

Of course, there is no word on whether the $C goalkeeper was paid to come to $C to anchor the Tr-ho-jans probably-always-crappy defense.

UCLA played well enough to get to this stage, which is more than what we can say for other facets of the school (cough, football, basketball, cough). They played their asses off and deserve recognition regardless.

Nice work, Bruins. Get ’em next year.