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Jim Mora is cleaning some serious house, three players dismissed from UCLA football team

Jim Mora is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense kind of coach. Through his five years as an NFL head coach, players can attest to his don’t-bullsh**-me demeanor. You don’t get to be known as a defensive specialist by being lovey-dovey like Norv Turner.

And apparently, he’s not about to change, which, in the case of the oft-undisciplined UCLA Bruins’ football team, is a good thing.

The result, at least right now, is the dismissal of three UCLA footballers. From Scout.com:

Redshirt sophomore defensive end Wesley Flowersand freshman tight endRaymond Nelson violated team rules and are no longer members of the team, while junior defensive back Randall Carroll is no longer enrolled at UCLA.

“At UCLA, we have a high set of standards that we expect every student-athlete to adhere to. Unfortunately, these three gentlemen choose not to do so,” Mora said.

Yo, by all means, Mr. Mora (Jr.), lay down the hammer fist!

No, seriously: This seems like a good show of Mora’s willingness to implement some serious discipline into a team that gave up halfway through football games and jumps over walls to ditch practice as a tradition.

Clearly, this is a bit of a dramatic turn from softy (but totally lovable) Rick Neuheisel, oftentimes giving players way too many chances than they should actually be given. However, given these desperate times in Westwood, the dramatic measures are fitting.

This is more than just dismissing three players from the team, though. This is a message to current and prospective UCLA football players: There will be no screwing around while Mora’s in charge. Either get your act together, or leave.

I dig this, but will the players dig it?