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Reeves Nelson is going to play pro ball in Lithuania

Remember Reeves Nelson? Of course you do. Y’know, the dude was a total pain in Coach Ben Howland’s ass, was suspended¬†and then was dismissed from the team forever? That guy, yeah.

Well, now he’s going to get paid to act a fool elsewhere, mainly in Lithuania.

OK. What am I supposed to say to this?

Seriously, good for Reeves. The dude has had his issues throughout his UCLA career, despite being the team’s best player. His attitude needed a hell of a lot of adjusting, sure, but he could ball.

This is considering he only played in six games this season and was often benched for entire halves probably for his poor attitude. Before this season, though, Nelson averaged 13.9 points per game while shooting at 56 percent. Nelson was efficient and talented, but most likely was complacent and had a negative attitude towards the coaching staff.

In the end, it seems as if everything worked out for both sides (so far, at least). The Bruins are now coming off their first win streak of the season (beating Penn and Eastern Washington the past week) while Nelson is going to get dolla dolla bills, y’all, down in Lithuania to play some ball.

Good haul. As a Bruin, we are hoping Reeves Nelson succeeds and fluorishes like he could have here in Westwood for Ben Howland. But as a person, we would like to wish that he straightens everything out with him.

Until then? You bleed True Blue and Gold, Reeves. We’ll be pulling for you here in West LA. Get ’em, Bruin.