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UCLA Basketball: Bruins blow lead in second half, Texas wins 69-59

Ben Howland realizes he's actually supposed to be coaching, since a fan in the stands told him to


After surmounting a hell of a lead over the Texas Longhorns to start — they opened up with a 15-6 lead off of 6-for-6 shooting — the Bruins managed to throw the game away in the second half, where, as soon as halftime was over, Texas unleashed hell on UCLA.

Big runs got UT the win, and our defense hasn’t looked more stagnant this season — and that’s saying something, considering we’ve been blown out a hell of a lot all season long.

The offense shouldn’t be let off the hook, though. Because despite starting hot, this team couldn’t buy a bucket late in the game — an 8-0 run from Texas sealed the deal in the waning moments of contest.

The implications? Well, we still suck. We’re 2-5 on the season — one of those wins came against a Division-II school — and the program is starting to look like it’ll take a while before any ship gets righted. Reeves Nelson is still a problem child — the dude sucked the entire first half and sat all of the second half — and our best players, well, can’t play very well.

This team lacks any form of legitimate, D-I talent, meaning we can kind of kiss this season goodbye. From the looks of it, not only is the squad lethargic, but it doesn’t play basketball correctly. It’s a messy, frustrating bunch to watch.

Regardless, UCLA plays Penn next week, a team that isn’t very good either, but one that our beloved Bruins may lose to just because they’re not that great either.

We’ve got five games till Pac-12 basketball begins. Let’s see if we can get some momentum and not miss out on March Madness, OK, Coach Howland?