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A reminder that UCLA is more than just sports

Recently, some guy at BruinsNation put up a FanPost detailing how he sent in a bunch of UCLA swag to Chancellor Block in protest of the athletic department following a rough loss in football to U$C. The score was 50-0, so the anger was justified. I was also pretty darn close to sending in my swag, stepped on and tear-ridden in protest of our awful basketball and football programs.

But that wasn’t all the dope decided to throw into this box. In addition, he threw in a voided check for $2500 to the UCLA Fund, which supports researchers and academic programs throughout UCLA. Here’s the picture, which actually disgusts me:

Of course, at first glance, this isn’t too bad. That is, until a woman named Sirinya commented on the post, explaining that the UCLA Fund is separate from the support that UCLA Athletics receives from donors. When you donate to the UCLA Fund, you’re donating to academia. Of course, one can donate to the Athletic Department directly or, hell, to the Wooden Athletic Fund, which includes the following in its mission statement:

The Wooden Athletic Fund is the backbone of our fundraising efforts.  It exists because of the financial commitment thousands of individuals have made to its mission of providing opportunities for our 700 + student-athletes.

That’s pretty damned specific. So then what does the UCLA Fund say about what it supports?

Through fundraising, volunteer work, and stewardship, we help secure UCLA’s future by providing the necessary resources to sustain our excellence in academics, research, and community service. In short, by connecting supporters to numerous areas, departments, schools, and programs across campus, we make UCLA an even more amazing place.

Well, it looks like the poor saps at Bruins Nation were too busy writing and commenting and foaming at the mouth to actually read into anything Sirinya, who works for the UCLA Fund, was saying. Typical.

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