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Fingers Crossed: Dan Guerrero to be out as UCLA Athletic Director?


As you guys know by now, we have an awful AD here in Westwood. Dan Guerrero has run our football and basketball programs into the ground and, quite frankly, everyone’s appalled at how awfully disastrous the coaching search has been going.

So if you agree — and unless you go to some f’ed up school like U$C, you will — then this next bit will be good news: The Chancellor of UCLA, Gene Block, is supposedly meeting with donors without AD Dan Guerrero involved.

Now, the meeting could be for anything. Literally anything. So me writing a blog post on this might not even be worth the topic because maybe Gene Block is considering giving them all honorary diplomas or plush Bruin teddy bears. Could happen.

We don’t know the credibility of these “sources” or the reporter whom the “sources” reported to. No one else has said anything, but instead of taking time to bash a fellow Angelino and, if we’re honest, a decent fellow blogger, let’s go over some of the implications.

Obviously, DG will be gone as all of us had hoped for. But the coaching search might be a tad hindered as we would be relegated to finding a decent AD who can coerce a decent coach into coming to Westwood. Of course, the sacrifice is obviously worth it — a competent Athletic Director is a great investment for our athletics programs. Still, the next season may see interim coach Mike Johnson as the lead dawg, which may bring about a season of mediocrity. Still, a season of mediocrity is nothing compared to decades of greatness and awesomeness. We’re awesome either way, but we’d be awesome on a whole other level, you guys.

Again, we don’t know anything for sure. But we can all sit down and pray that this crap is correct because, gosh damn, we all want a new athletic director.

Fingers crossed. Your move, Gene-dawgs.