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Chris Petersen to UCLA isn’t looking very good right now; someone hold me

I wish it were yesterday.

Simpler times, these days were. We were still scrambling for a head coach, sure, but we had options and we still held out a lot of hope for Boise State football’s head honcho, Chris Petersen, to join forces with UCLA and create a football powerhouse on the West Coast.

These hopes are beginning to look slim. Check this tweet from ESPN’s Joe Schad:

I want to cry.

Now, I don’t know how tuned in Schad is, but he does work for ESPN, which is still a credible source (dull and clueless they may be at times). If this is true, we’re in for a long, long offseason.

There are obviously other legitimate options: Kevin Sumlin’s still floating around out there, as is Mike Belotti and there are obviously a plethora of completely stupid, nonsensical options like Jon Gruden and Herm Edwards. UCLA is still an attractive gig, but now that we have money to spend on coaches (with the help of a shiny, new TV deal for the Pac-12), we should be aiming higher.

Time will tell. This saga is far from over.