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Dan Guerrero screws up, duh, and UCLA hires Jim Mora, Jr.

Jim Mora, Jr.

Jim Mora, Jr. as Mark Wahlberg

Ladies and gentlemen, we now present to you reason #1259 to fire Dan Guerrero: The hiring of horrible NFL coach, Jim Mora, Jr.

Yes, that Jim Mora, Jr. The Jim Mora, Jr. that caused frustration among Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks fans by going 26-22 and 5-11 respectively.

His problems go beyond this, though: Junior was disowned by Atlanta Falcons fans after he said he would ditch the Falcons to coach the University of Washington even if the Falcons had gone to the playoffs.

Oi! When a coach like that comes around, things are a tad sketchy. Even worse, considering he hasn’t coached in a year or so, and considering that his Falcons team got progressively worse through his four years in the A.T.L. Dude posted records of 11-5, 8-8 and 7-9 in his three years as coach. That team was headed nowhere fast, too, with the team dropping three straight (from 7-6) to close out the season.

And his college career? Well, what college career? Mora, Jr. has never headed an amateur football team and seemingly only got head coaching gigs because of his pedigree.

But this is it. This is your new head coach. His credentials be damned, this is the hire Dan Guerrero — the idiot — has made and this is the one we’re stuck with. Don’t expect someone like UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to step in and unhire Mora, Jr. even if Block fires Guerror.

This is the guy we support until he proves us otherwise. The dude may have been a mediocre coach, but it’s on him to prove us wrong and, dammit, do I want this dude to prove us wrong.

The college game is a bit easier to master on the field than the NFL game. The X’s  and O’s let coaches have more freedom than the pro game. Of course, this doesn’t make the job easier — when you can throw millions of dollars at prospective players, the talent is far, far easier to obtain. Being a head honcho at a Pac-12 program requires that the coach is personable enough to recruit 17-year olds that are being scouted by the likes of Oregon, Stanford and U$C.

Perhaps this is where Mora Jr.’s career may take a turn. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get the dude who so desperately wants to coach and finds himself better suited to coach a major football program in college.

We can only hope, Bruins. The hire is done. Be critical of Mora, but support him all the same. We’re now all on the same team.

Your move, Jim Mora, Jr.