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UCLA Women’s Volleyball captures Bruins’ 108th National Championship

OK, so let me first say this: I’m a 19-year old, single male in college.

Why is this important? Because UCLA’s women’s volleyball team just won the National Championship and because I acknowledge that, during my trips to the John Wooden Center, I have found these women to be incredibly attractive. Let’s point out the elephant in the room first so the awkwardness doesn’t linger, cool?

Seriously, though: Aside from all of the volleyball players being extremely gorgeous, these women can ball. (No kidding; they did just win the national title, duh.)

You can read the summary of the game against Illinois (who knocked off heavily-favored U$C a round prior) from the Daily Bruin or,¬†preferably, from Bruins Nation. Either way, it’s best if I don’t regurgitate what those two sites put together better than I. Hey guys, I’m just a blogger who aggregates the news and then gives a ¬†little insight.

(I admittedly acknowledge that I know nothing about volleyball, but I really, really find those players to be drop-dead gorgeous. All of them. I would superficially marry any one of them, even if they are all a foot taller than I am.)

Errr … this blog post is getting a little creepier than usual, and though I’m trying to keep it as inclusive as possible, I also realize that no one comments about how pretty these women are. But that’s just a dude’s perspective. Plus, since I know nothing about volleyball, how else will I kill 250 words (the amount required by Google for this to even register as a blog post)? Come on guys, I swear, I’m not shallow: I love these ladies because they’re Bruins.

Let’s raise title number 108 regardless, Westwood. Go Bruins!